Why Let Go on Food to Develop Yourself?

I believe that the first step to break through for your evolution is to detach yourself from FOOD!


I know that people eat a lot in our present societies, and that the little dessert waiting for us at the end of the meal eyes you up.


Example: you ate a lot, you are now full, but one of your relative offers you a piece of chocolate cake which tickles your nostrils! This cake, so chocolated, so tender, so delicious makes you want to have a bite. 😍


Now, let’s be honest. If you live to eat, if you are attached to food, then your freedom is lost. Food takes this freedom from you because instead of thinking about you, you think about food, and this, all day long! “What am I going to eat at lunch? What am I going to cook tonight?â€Â đŸ˜±


And soon enough, your day is based around food. This is the first mistake to NOT make.

You have to eat to live. Admittedly, without food, you cannot go so far, but now we live in a society in which we have the CHOICE. We can chose when we enters a supermarket, and we should chose smartly!


We should ask ourselves a question:


What does my body needs to stay alive? Water, oxygen and food. Great. But what specific food does my body need? Glucose, protein
 The list is quite long.




The chocolate cake is OPTIONNAL in your life. No, you’re not going to die if you don’t eat it!


But if you eat it, it is not to feed and stay alive -because other aliments are sufficient for your calory intake- but if you eat it, it is for pleasure. Nowadays, we don’t eat to feed our body, but to feed our mind (because the chocolate cake is going to “please you”).


“I had a rough day, and this sweet cake is going to lift my spirits.” 😍



But in reality, thinking this way does not help you. You will quickly associate the feeling of being “good” to the act of eating a chocolate cake, and the problem is that whenever you will feel low, exhausted, depressed, you will naturally go towards this cake, thinking that it will appease you.




This cake hurts you more than it makes you “good” because you will become an addict. Being addicted to something does not enable you do be FREE because at the end, you are going to think about this cake more than yourself. And this is a no-no.

When you are at work, you will think about what you are going to eat tonight, at what is going to make you feel “good” after such a rough day.

And at this special moment, you KNOW that food has a huge impact on your thoughts.


This is why you have to let go of food.

Why remain attached to it? The main purpose of food is to make your body alive, and it is not to control your mental or your emotions.



[Oh wait, I am not talking about totally deleting this chocolate cake of your life (because it may be impossible for some people), but to not live for it, to not live for eating it. You have to live for YOURSELF!]

Why do I deal with food on this blog?

You probably ask yourself why I am dealing with food on this blog.




I could answer this:


“Well, to me, we cannot develop our abilities when we are mentally attached to food: if we are thinking about it during the day, if we are linked to it, or if we connect it with something positive (remember: “this chocolate cake is going to please me; after this hard day at work, I deserved it”).


But I think that this detachment is the number one key to happiness. This is only the beginning, but it is a HUGE step to pass because this step is probably the hardest one (it was for me), and a lot of people will not dare overtake their fears. But you WILL! And it will make all the difference. 😉


To those who want to move forward, change et improve, you’re headed in the right direction.😀

Is changing your diet going to make you happy?

Where to start?