Quality Matters

This is quite simple, you have a body that is your own, and you can choose what you nourish it with. Isn’t it great, this free will?



Here are two tips to improve your everyday life:



1.Treat your body as if it was a garden and not a junkyard.



What I mean by this, is that whenever we have the choice to what food we put into our body, why not choose the best?


In our societies, getting food is quite easy. We go to the supermarket, and voila!



Treat your body with respect and love, as if it was a magnificent garden with butterflies and ladybugs meeting one another.

Eat fresh, pure, and organic (if possible) ingredients.


Fruits and vegetables will bring you freshness and minerals, which will enable you to regenerate your body.


In short, give your body the best because you deserve it.




2.We do not put water into a Ferrari


The metaphor is quite simple: no water into a Ferrari, otherwise we damage the engine, and even worse, we cannot move forward.


For our body to "function" correctly, we need the best of the best. We need the quality, the freshness, the healthy food.


To be on top form, we need good fuel!



“Why?” you would ask me.


Well, the quality will enable you to make the entire system work, and this, in a correct way.


To be at its best, every living being needs water, sun, and food. Without one of these three, the being is disrupted.

The body reacts the same way whenever we fill it with unhealthy aliments (processed food, chemicals…).

In truth, the body will use a huge amount of time and energy to get rid of the bacterias that try to invade us. Do you see what I’m getting at? By believing that you treat yourself by eating a Kinder, you actively participate in the toxic intake into your body. Consciously. Is there another "self-sabotage" act more horrible than this one?


So STOP the massacre! We take a deep breath and we pull ourselves together.




Here is a list of the ingredients of a basic industrial aliment










How would you feel with all these products into your body?


Bad, I suppose.



Other option: a fruit, with only the fruit as an ingredient.






The choice is yours! 😉